Why is Education Important in Life?

By admin / 06 June, 2020

Education has become an indispensable tool of survival in the modern world. The Human Development Index by the United Nation Development Program regards “knowledge” as a dimension of national development. No matter what indicators we choose to measure the knowledge of an individual, it doesn’t change the fact that education can substantially boost the standard of living of not just the individual but also has the potential to shift the goal post one step ahead. Thus, we may define education as gathering knowledge to survival and improving on it consistently. Be it an atomised individual or at the national level, education can help us resolve innumerable issues and can lead to the empowerment of society as a whole. This is described in the following pointers:

1.    Elimination of Poverty

With education, we get empowered to pursue a job and earn a living. In fact, it would not be a wrong statement to say if we regard education as an enabler of life with dignity.

2.    Social Security

An educated person has better exposure and therefore, more experience with respect to the society and its faultlines. This makes them less prone to fraud, forgery, and other malignant activities by the notorious elements. Education makes them aware of their rights and laws making them less susceptible to crimes, in turn helping them lead a life with healthier and happy relationships.

3.    Commerce and Trade

Trade and Commerce flourishes in a well-educated society leading to an overall improvement of the economy of a country. Education is also a pre-requisite for innovation. Innovation, can, in turn, bring a deep sense of contentment among the people.

4.    Law and Order

With people engaged in economic and research activities, the law and order situation of a country automatically revamps into a peaceful one. Education can eradicate various social evils and stereotypes. A well-educated mind will not discriminate on the basis of popular pre-modern cultures such as race, caste, place of birth, religion etc.

5.    Women Empowerment

The global sustainable development goals not only advocates for gender equality but also, access to education to all because half of the population of humankind, that is, the women, can only excel only when the other half is aware of the potential. This awareness is education.

6.    Combat Climate Change

An aware and educated person would make individual efforts to fight pollution (for instance, using no single-use plastic) while an educated government would provide policy changes and suitable public facilities to help combat climate change on a larger scale.


The above list is just a needle in the haystack of possibilities that education can unveil for us. Overall, education is the key to a just society by helping humankind to evolve into powerful beings with an ocean of opportunities to explore. Education instils a sense of responsibility not only for the current world but also, for future generations. With policies in line with the Sustainable Development Goals, we can rest assured until the world lies in educated hands.

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