Few Words About Us

        Fatima Degree College is an unit of Fatima Group of Colleges operated by Haji Nasrullah Khan Foundation which provides education to empower the students and to make them realize their full potential. We help students to achieve brilliance in their academic courses as well as develop skills required for their holistic development.

        Fatima Degree College was established to provide education to students by their overall development. The institution believes in providing quality education and helps them to develop their thinking process beyond their course. We help students equip themselves with creative and managerial qualities, which will further help them to make a good career as well in life.

        The college was established in the year 2018, with the vision of setting an example in the field of education. The founders wanted the development of quality citizens via the tool of education and training. The college's foundation was laid with the thought of raising the dignity of the teaching profession in this world. The mentors focus on the overall personality development of pupils by providing educational and training programs undertaken based on the service and providing dynamic leadership.This group is a dynamic community. Located in Bakauli Dalpur, Gainsari Distt. Balrampur U. P. 21210, the college is surrounded by a green and eco-friendly environment, which provides them a peaceful atmosphere perfect for learning. The campus multiracial, multi-cultural, multi-lingual, multi-religious, people who all are together.

        Affiliated by Sidharth University, Kapilvastu Sidharth Nagar, U.P., this college is the family of dynamic, intellectual and committed teaching staff who is very well supported by the equally enthusiastic office staff. The dedicated faculty is lead by the visionary and zealous Principal.

        Students are given the opportunity to pursue high-quality education in their desired field regardless of their background, gender, or financial constraints. The importance of promoting the most top-notch learning and service is well synchronized and is expressed clearly. Co-curricular programs form a mandatory part of the course and help pupils to have a good commanding over theoretical and practical concepts. Every student is motivated enough to be committed to serve the nation.

        The college provides a plethora of opportunities where students can showcase their talents and zeal. The institute welcomes the creative ideas of students and helps to transform a graduate to a future-ready professional. We gave chances to students so that they can flourish.

        The advancements we witness in almost all the sectors have made the work of educators even more demanding. The changes which have been brought by technological advancements have resulted in changes in conventional methods as well. We have renewed the ways by which we can cope up with the globalization that has impacted the world. Fatima Group Of Colleges wants the best provision of facilities for students for their development so that they can make their name in society.

        We consider it our responsibility to give shape to young minds according to the rapid developments. With globalization and easy access to the internet these days, we are also moving ahead with a goal. The methods of teaching may be changing due to the recent inventions in the field of communication, but we ensure that our core values and teachings are passed on to students. We are also making sure to update ourselves and our teaching techniques as the technology is progressing. We want our students to be considered highly respectable in society and perform their duties of being good citizens.